The political economy of Catalan independence

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Hace pocos días se ha publicado el libro “The political economy of Catalan independence”. En este libro escribo el último artículo titulado “The secessionist challenge and the economic consequences of independence” pp. 81-116. Incluye cuatro artículos de José Luis Feito, Ángel de la Fuente, Guillem López Casanovas y Joan Roselló Villalonga y el mío. A continuación les detallo el índice de mi artículo para que se hagan una idea de los temas tratados.



  1. Introduction
  2. The political challenge to the State and the economic case for secession
  3. Catalonia a privileged region of Spain
  • ¿Might Catalonia had become the Holland of southern Europe?
  • The economic consequences of the Succession War (1702-1714)
  • Catalonia the ‘workshop of Spain’
  • From the end of the 19th century to the Civil War
  • Economic recovery during Franco’s regime
  • The protection of the national market
  • Conclusions
  1. The weight of Catalonia’s exports to the ROS and the consequences of the rupture of the Spanish ‘national’ market and the exit of the EU
    • The importance of the Spanish market at the start of the 21st century
    • Effects of independence on Catalonia’s exports
    • Antràs and Ventura’s estimates
  2. The ‘eurization’ of the Catalan economy
    • Effects on financial institutions, interest rates and asset holdings
    • Effects on foreign investment, money supply and financial stability
    • Fairy tales
    • Conclusions
  3. Catalonia’s fiscal balance and the fiscal dividend of independence
    • On the concept of fiscal balance and fiscal deficit
    • Catalonia’s fiscal balance and fiscal deficit with the State Central Administration
    • The role of the spatial dimension
    • A closer analysis of the CFB results
    • The independence’s manna
  4. General conclusions


Appendix 1. The input-output model.

Appendix 2. Detailed sectoral results for total production.

Appendix 3. Trade intensities in several disintegration episodes in Central Europe.




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